2017 WAVE Conference Presenters

Felicia Arce, M.Ed.
Felicia Arce, M.Ed., is an Assistive Technology Program Specialist for Wyoming Institute for
Disabilities. Her current focus is developing demonstrations of assistive technology and other technology devices for individuals with disabilities, educators, and members of the community. She also works on the development, implementation and oversees the Wyoming Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) Clearinghouse which includes coordination of AEM services for K-12 students and educators in Wyoming.

Tricia Berg
Tricia Berg has been a national and international education consultant since 2011. As an education consultant focusing on developing evidence-based sustainable systems, she has provided professional development and coaching support to educational organizations, districts, and schools in the area of reading, math, Special Education, Response to Intervention (RTI), data-driven decision making, and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS). Tricia started her career as a special education teacher, working with students with emotional/behavioral disabilities.  As her skills grew, the district assigned the role of behavior specialist/PBIS coordinator.  As such, she trained and coached her colleagues on schoolwide, classroom, and individual support systems for elementary, middle, and high school.  Eventually she began to work on research projects in the areas of mathematics intervention, and positive behavior intervention supports.  She holds a special education, general education, and administration license and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon in Special Education with an emphasis on the relation between behaviors and academics, effective professional development practices, and the development of effective interventions for students.

Wayne Callender
Wayne Callender is an author and national RTI Consultant who has worked at the State, district and building levels improving educational outcomes. Wayne currently trains and advises educators across the country in the implementation of systems for school improvement, both on-site and through nationwide seminars. In addition to being featured as keynote speaker at over a dozen state and national conferences, Wayne has authored numerous articles, chapters and training books on the implementation of a School-Wide Approach to RTI and improved instructional practices.