Outreach Library

Our Outreach Library contains materials and resources available for checkout to our patrons who hold an Outreach Library card. Please contact Jo Otterholt, Resource Specialist, to request your card.books

Jo Otterholt, Resource Specialist
539 South Payne
Casper, Wyoming 82609
(307) 577-4686
Email: wsd.library@wyo.gov

Variety of Materials at our Library Include:

  • Instructional materials related to Deaf education
  • Sign language dictionaries, children’s books and DVDs
  • Language development resources
  • Interpreter training videos/books
  • Auditory training resources
  • Assistive technology information(cochlear implants, hearing aids, FM systems)
  • Assessment/evaluation tools
  • Biographies by Deaf authors
  • Books about parenting Deaf/HH children
  • Shared Reading Program
  • Materials related to students with multisensory impairments/deaf-blindness.

Library Link Click Here:

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