National Library Service

The Talking Book Program is a free service for children and adults provided by the National Library Service (NLS). It consists primarily of books and magazines recorded on digital talking book cartridges. However, Braille and large print books are also available for Wyoming patrons from the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled in Salt Lake. Digital talking book players are available on loan free of charge through vision Outreach Services.


Persons who are eligible include the following:

  1. Persons who are blind or who have a visual disability as certified by competent authority.
  2. Persons certified by competent authority as unable to read or unable to use standard printed material as a result of physical limitations.
  3. Persons having a reading disability resulting from organic dysfunction and of sufficient severity to prevent their reading printed material in a normal manner.

In cases of blindness, visual impairment or physical limitation, competent authority is defined to include doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, ophthalmologists, optometrists or therapists, and professional staff of hospitals’ institutions and public or private welfare agencies, (e.g., social workers, case workers, rehabilitation counselors, rehabilitation teachers and superintendents. In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by librarians or by any person whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to the Library of Congress. In the case of reading disability from organic dysfunction, competent authority is defined as doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy who may consult with colleagues in associated disciplines.

Registering for the National Library Service Program and BARD

BARD – Braille and Audio Reading Download

BARDBraille and Audio Reading Download – Thousands of books and magazine are available for download. You must first apply for a login and password. Once your BARD application has been processed and your login and password are set, you can go to the website to browse and download books and magazines. Directions are also listed on this site.

Digital players for Wyoming patrons is provided by the Casper office of Vision Outreach Services, Brenda Ariosto (307)265-8818. You can also speak with the VOS Consultant in your area to learn more about the program and ask to get signed up.

  • Once signed up, Brenda will mail out a digital machine to you.
  • Book cartridges will come directly out of the Utah State Library. You will return them as soon as you are finished with them.
  • Standard digital talking-book players and the advanced digital talking-book player:
    • The standard digital talking-book machine has eight controls and provides basic functionality for the playback of talking books, including volume and tone control, rewind and fast forward, and variable speed. The advanced digital talking-book machine has additional controls for setting bookmarks and navigating through the structured levels (chapters, sections, etc.) of a book. Both machines can be operated on a built-in rechargeable battery and have an internal audio user guide, as well as a key describer mode.
    • To return your machine once you are no longer using it, please return it to the box it was shipped to you in and turn the address label over. If you no longer have the box or the address return card, it can be returned to:
      Wyoming Dept. of Education
      Vision Outreach Services
      539 South Payne Street
      Casper, WY 82609

BARD is a way for persons who wish to use the Talking Book Program to listen to talking books using computers and other assistive technology such as smartphones, tablets and i-devices. You must register to use BARD. To use BARD, you must be a patron of the NLS Talking Books Program.

BARD Express – BARD Express from the National Library Service provides a faster and easier way to use BARD on your desktop or laptop computer. You must first download and install it by going to the library’s web site at Using Bard Express, you can easily download digital talking books onto a thumb drive and play them on your digital talking book player. A series of videos is available on Youtube that will walk you through the process of using Bard Express.

BARD Mobile – BARD Mobile is a free app for Apple and Android devices. It is available in both the app store and the google playstore. It will allow you to enjoy listening to talking books on your i-devices or on some Android devices. If you are already registered to use BARD, you will not need to register again if you wish to use it with your Android or i-device.

Resources (YouTube Videos)