Event: TVI/COMS Professional Book Study
Dates: Monthly  
Time:  3:30 – 4:30pm
Location: Zoom
Information:  The purpose of this book study is to bring greater awareness to Cortical Visual Impairment and the potential for it to impact students, specifically those with significant cognitive impairment. 
Contact:  Jennifer D’Alessandro at (307)754-2147

Event: Next Step Clinic
Please look to schedule individual assessments at this time with Leslie Van Orman
Contact:  Leslie Van Orman at (307)857-9267

Event: NR-AER
Date: October 2022
Location:  Great Falls, MT
Contact:  Leslie Van Orman at or Jennifer D’Alessandro at for more information

Event: Wyoming Rendezvous
Date:  Hopefully returning in February 2023
Location:  TBD
Information: Annual event held each February on Casper Mountain at the Nordic ski trails. It is a day of opportunity for students pre-k through 12 to ski, sled, and snowshoe while learning about featured assistive technology devices, WyAble Accounts, and spend a day with other kids facing some of their same challenges.  
Contact: Brenda Ariosto at  or or call (307)754-2147

Event: 2022 Transition Webinars
Date:  February through April
On-site Conference June 21-22 

Location:  TBD
Information: For educators who work directly or indirectly with students in the ages of transition from 14-21 who may be blind or visually impaired as well as those working with students with significant cognitive impairment or with more complex needs. 

National and Online Learning Opportunities Related to Vision Impairment