Education Apps Related to Deaf Education

  • VL2 Storybook Apps ($4.99 each)
    Educational narrative books in both ASL and English. The illustrations and the video narratives provide enhanced visual aids.
  • “Rule the School” Self Advocacy Board Game – Educational App ($11.99)
    Students with hearing loss must have the knowledge and ability to speak up for themselves and their needs in regular classrooms in order to have equal access to their education environment as mandated by IDEA 2004.  This app teaches basic knowledge and socially appropriate ways for students with hearing loss to advocate for themselves.  Students learn and review vocabulary such as middle ear, audiograms etc. They are also able to problem solve commonly occurring scenarios in a board game format.  Data sheets and sample IEP goals can be downloaded from  The game can be individualized by using the vocabulary and challenges applicable to a specific student.