Language Apps Related to Deaf Education

  • Bag Game ($1.99)
    A spin-off of 20 questions with more than 100 adorable graphics, this app provides many levels of difficulty so people of all ages can play against each other.
  • Conversation Builder (for teens)
  • Describe it to Me ($14.99)
    Describe it To Me is a fun, multi-level game, created to help improve the receptive and expressive language skills in children and adults.
  • Guess What? 
    An educational app consisting of four clues and one answer designed to help individuals work on inferencing: making predictions and deductive reasoning skills. Inferencing is an important skill for early reading comprehension and determining implied meaning in text.
  • Language Builder ($5.99)
    Language Builder is designed to help children accomplish the following educational goals: 1) Improve sentence ideation; 2) Improve sentence formation; and 3) Improve receptive and expressive language.  Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing for special needs children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders.  Auditory playback of child’s voice offers reinforcements for language development.
  • My Playhouse (Digital dollhouse)
    A doll house where your child can use everything, even the closets, TV and shower. Where you can fry an egg and feed the family pizza.
  • See.Touch.Learn (free)
    Includes 4,400 pictures and 2,200 exercises developed by professionals. Create custom lessons using the starter library, or purchase any of 50 individual libraries with over 4,000 pictures and 2,200 exercises.
  • What Would You Do? ($3.99)
    Select the cards you want students to see, and have them work on solving problems and practicing good social skills as they discuss situations in and around school. The prompts include questions like, “What would you do if … you forgot your homework?”
  • WhQuestions ($11.99)
    This app from Super Duper Publications teaches students how to ask and answer WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY questions.  It has four entertaining learning games for each WH set of cards and includes data to monitor student progress.