What is Family Engagement?

Families Matter!

  • “When parents are meaningfully engaged and involved, their children succeed.” (Henderson & Mapp, 2002)

Family Engagement

Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) Family Engagement Definition Family Engagement is the deliberate, systematic inclusion of families in all activities and programs that promote and reinforce children’s learning, development and wellness in multiple settings. It is based on respectful relationship and collaborative communication between schools and families that embrace families as equal partners, advocates and decision makers for their student.

WDE Family Engagement Vision – Family Engagement is practiced as an essential strategy for improving student learning and behavior and advancing equity for all students.

WDE Family Engagement Mission – To provide training, resources, guidance and support for districts and their schools to promote and implement systemic, sustainable Family Engagement policies and practices.


  • Student grades go up
  • Students attend school more regularly
  • They are more likely to enroll in higher-level programs
  • They are more likely to graduate and go on to college
  • They are more excited and positive about school and learning
  • They have fewer discipline issues inside and outside class


Laws Related to Family Engagement in Education

Examples of Family Engagement Initiatives from other State Department of Education