2014 Leadership Symposium

(Posted June 2, 2014)
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by Jenny Krause

Planning the Wyoming Leadership Symposium has been part of my responsibilities at the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) for the past six (or maybe even seven) years– it’s been so long I’m losing track! Each year we carefully select our presenters and topics by listening to our districts and their needs, we utilize our state-wide data drill-down information, and with a “fine tooth comb” we examine our evaluations from the previous symposium and take into account each comment by each attendee.

When the agenda is “finalized” (I use the word finalized lightly because there are always little tweaks that need to be made as we go) I may tend to be overly, let’s say, zealous about announcing the agenda! In fact, there are many state directors (you know who you are J) that reply to my abundant amount of emails with sarcastic comments like, “Gee, more information about the symposium, no way!”

My goal for our 7th Annual Leadership Symposium was to reach out to our Wyoming professionals without causing obstruction in their email accounts. Actually, I am extremely fortunate that Rick, my symposium partner in crime, took that task from me! Instead, I’ve been making videos with our amazing videographers from the WDE.  Let’s just say they’ve been extremely patient and forgiving while enduring this task.  I have such little time and so much to say!

I recently “attempted” to make the last video and I was so frustrated because making my point was painfully difficult!  The simple message that I wanted to send to every educator in Wyoming is that we are extremely aware of the hard work and many hours that you put in each and every day for your students so we’ve designed this symposium to help you answer questions that you’ve asked of us (WDE) and to provide you the tools, strategies, and ideas, that will assist you to meet the needs of every student in your classroom! In a nutshell that was it, short and sweet. However, an hour and a half later I’m just hoping there is footage of my message where I don’t sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

As educators we all want to do what is best for our students. If I had one wish as the symposium approaches I would wish that all 48 of our Wyoming districts would send at least one team of educators to the symposium.  I’m hopeful to see symposium registration and attendance include anyone that has an impact in the lives of Wyoming students — superintendents, para-professionals, related service providers, general educators, special educators, building principals.  In the words of Woody Allen, “Eighty percent of success is showing up!”

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Jennifer Krause
Wyoming Department of Education
Monitoring and Accountability
Education Consultant

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